About Us

Our History

Stems Solutions was founded on the 22nd of April 2006 and specialises in web-based software development.

What We Do

Stems is our main product which was originally based on the requirements of the Australian Mining Industry. Its focus was and still is, on Safety and Risk management. Due to the demands of the mining industry and the industries that service it, Stems has continued to grow and evolve to meet Industry standards and requirements, giving it a greater range of capabilities, and more greater suitability to any industry.

Who We Are

Our dynamic team has the right mix of experience and youth which combine to provide exciting new ideas and practical solutions to greatly assist our clients manage their business requirements more efficiently.

Our Values

Stems Solutions has always focused on providing the best service possible, with honesty and transparency. It is this focus that has resulted in our loyal client base. Customers and its Users have greatly appreciated. We also support ‘Not For Profit’ Organisations, offering very cost effective pricing to financially assist these types of organisations, which ultimately means our commercial clients can take pride in knowing that they are supporting these types of organisations!

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Monthly lease fees include all safety software updates, upgrades & support!

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